Reopening Embassy’s Canteen from 06 August

Greetings from Viet Nam Embassy,

We would like to inform that our canteen will be reopened from 12.00 to 14.30 every Friday from 6 August.

Kindly find here the menu.


Dish Name Price
Chicken Noodle Soup Rs 250/Bowl
Buffalo Noodle Soup Rs 250/Bowl
Fried Noodle Soup Rs 250/Bowl
Dry Mixed Noodle

Veg                      Buffalo

Rs 250/Bowl
Fried Rice

Veg                      Chicken

Rs 250/Plate
Fried Chicken Spring Rolls Rs 100/2Pcs
Fresh Noodle Rolls Rs 100/2Pcs


Kingfisher Beer (Small) Rs 150/Bottle
Coke Rs 50/Bottle
Fresh Water Rs 50/Bottle
Instant Coffee G7 Rs 50/Cup


(chicken spring rolls)



(chicken noodle soup)