Viet Nam Forum established in New Delhi, first seminar on “Global Political and Economic Landscape”

On October 21st, the Vietnamese Embassy in India established the Viet Nam Forum in New Delhi and held the first seminar with the theme “Global Political and Economic Landscape and Viet Nam – India relations in a new context”.

Attendees of the seminar are Dr. Vo Dai Luoc (Chairman of Asia-Pacific Economic Center- VAPEC), Prof. Mahapatra Chintamani (Chairman of Kalinga Indo-Pacific Research Institute, India), Prof. Sanjay Kumar Pandey (International Political Affairs Specialist of Jawaharlal Nerhu University), Prof. Gulsan Sachdeva (International Economist of Jawaharlal Nerhu University), Vietnamese diplomats, experts, and scholars.

In his opening remarks, Ambassador Nguyen Thanh Hai stressed that the Viet Nam Forum in New Delhi is a spot for Indian friends, experts, scholars, and researchers to exchange with Vietnamese diplomats, scholars, and experts on the regional and global situation as well as measures to foster the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between the two countries, promoting both sides’ contribution to peace, stability, and development in the region and the world.

The first exchange of the Viet Nam Forum in New Delhi took place in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.