Operational Understanding of Socialism  

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Phu Trong’s write up “Some theoretical and practical issues on socialism and the path towards socialism in Vietnam”  is a timely intervention to dispel the misconception and confusion in the minds of the people. It deals firmly and confidently of the monumental challenges to the existence of the mankind and ongoing economic, social and ecological crisis created by the capitalism. He very rightly points out the fundamental contradictions of capitalism which in spite of considerable social welfare schemes, in spite of scientific technological advancements, are not able to address the problems of the majority of the working class people  who are the most victim of present pandemic situation.  It has unmasked and exposed the so called freedom and democracy. The situation is very grim as growing resource deficit, degrading environment, increasingly cropping out the gap between rich and poor, unsustainable development. He shares the thought of the scientists that the present crises are impossible to be fully resolved in the framework of a capitalist regime.


In such a scenario, when he speaks of a society we need, is a society where development is truly for humans, where compassion, solidarity, mutual understanding and assistance towards the progressive and humanistic values. To realise this vision, 35 years ago, Communist Party of Vietnam adopted Doi Moi and  further developed the concept of a socialist-oriented market economy which ensures that economic growth would be accompanied by social progress and equity in every stage, every policy and through out the development process. Theoretically it is based on Marxism-Leninism and for practicability the adoption of Doi Moi and continuously undertaking innovative ideas and strategies to carry forward the legacy of legendary leader thinker poet President Ho Chi Minh.

We, while carrying forward the legacy of Mr. Geetesh Sharma, we on behalf of the Indo-Vietnam Solidarity Committee, applaud H.E. Dr. Trong, General secretary, CPV (the highest authority) for his operational understanding of socialism. From the core of our hearts, we salute him to taking Vietnam forward in the path of socialism. The write up is relatively relevant and thought provoking.

Kusum Jain

Ms Kusum Jain is a well known Hindi poet, a feminist humanist, President – Sahityikee, a literary organisation in Kolkata. She also serves as the Secretary General of the Indo-Vietnam Solidarity Committee.