Discovery Vietnam: A New Favorite Destination of Indian Tourists

Vietnam and India have had a good connection for centuries. The visa process has become easier, along with many affordable flight options. With its affordability and diverse attractions, traveling to Vietnam has become one of the most popular topics among Indians.

1. Tips on getting a visa:

Vietnam allows Indian citizens to get a visa on arrival. However, you still need to go through the online application beforehand and bring a passport-size photo with you. Here is the application procedure to obtain a tourist visa:

  • Open the Vietnam Immigration Department’s online portal and fill up the form with the required information
  • Review your application form
  • Process payment. The cost will be around 3000 for the whole process.
  • Wait until the visa-issued result comes out, which usually takes 2-3 days only.

2. Best time to visit Vietnam:

Vietnam is 1650 km long, making its temperature and climate vary considerably from north to south.

If you want to visit North Vietnam (Sa Pa, Hanoi, Halong Bay), the best time is spring (March to April) and autumn (September to November), so you can avoid cold, dry winters and hot, humid summers, and enjoy the warm and sunny weather.

If your destination is Central Vietnam (Hoi An), any time between February and August will be a pleasant time to visit. Keep in mind that it’s a hot area where the temperature is usually around 30°C in July and August.

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