Vietnam Days in India 2022: Strengthening traditional friendships and tourism cooperation

Baoquocte. vn. Vietnam Days in India 2022 Program takes place from December 12-14, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and India (7/1/1972 – 7/1/2022). This is also the last activity in the series of Vietnam Days Abroad 2022 program organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Vietnam and India have had each other’s back in their struggle for national liberation since the early 20th century. Over half a century of developing diplomatic relations, Vietnam and India have become comprehensive strategic partners, cooperating comprehensively and effectively in many fields, achieving shared achievements as well as bringing practical benefits to the two countries’ people.

Held in New Delhi (India), the Vietnam Days in India 2022 program not only introduces the beauty of the country, people, and unique features of Vietnamese culture to the Indian people but also contributes to fostering the traditional friendship and tourism cooperation between the two sides.

“Magical Night”: shimmering and brilliant Vietnamese – Indian cultural crossover 

Diplomatic relations have been established since 1972, but Vietnam and India have a long history of cross-cultural interaction. Both countries witnessed their cultural exchanges in many fields such as architecture, art, and religion, dating back to the 5th-3rd century BC.

The “Magical Night” program features many unique ethnic art performances. (Source: Vietnamese Embassy in India)

This cultural exchange and transformation result in Champa culture. In other words, through Champa culture, Vietnamese culture has adopted many elements of Indian culture.

Magical Night, an event within the framework of the Vietnam Days in India 2022 program, is an opportunity to introduce and remind both countries of the deep values in their cultural ties.

The event witnessed many unique ethnic art performances such as Cham dance, Tac Xinh (Shan Chay community), Then singing (Tay, Nung, Thai ethnic group), Gliding Slương (Nung ethnic group), Gliding Palmi (Tay ethnic group), and impressive monochord solo performance.

The performances of the night were given by artists of Viet Bac Folk Dance Theater such as People’s Artists including Quang Vinh, Le Kheng, and Kim Chung; Meritorious Artists involving Ba Thai, Minh Hue, and others like Manh Tien, Duong Mien, Pham Tinh, Do Nhuan, Nong Viet Toai, Ha Tu Thien, Hong Hat, etc. 

Mr. Hoang Dao Cuong, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism shared: “This art program is a vivid example of cultural exchange between Vietnam and India. Through this, Indian audiences have the opportunity to enjoy the unique ethnic art forms of Vietnam, including those that have been recognized by UNESCO as Intangible cultural heritage. I believe this meaningful cultural event will strengthen and further promote the friendly cooperation and comprehensive strategic partnership between Vietnam and India.”

Golden opportunity for Vietnam – India tourism promotion

India has always been deemed an important and potential market for Vietnam’s tourism industry. After the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam reopened international tourism and witnessed impressive growth in the Indian market.

According to the General Statistics Office, in November 2022, Vietnam welcomed 27 thousand tourists from India, a rise of 31% compared to October and 50% higher than the same period in 2019. In the first 11 months of 2022, the total number of Indian tourists to Vietnam reached 109 thousand, ranking 9th in the top 10 tourism markets of Vietnam.

Indian tourists come to Vietnam to attend a wedding in Phu Quoc. (Source:

As another event within the framework of Vietnam Days in India 2022, the Vietnam Tourism Promotion Forum in India taking place on December 14 is an important and meaningful activity, demonstrating joint efforts and determination to promote bilateral cooperation between administration units and businesses of the two countries, based on their achievements in the tourism industry. The forum consisted of 3 main discussion sessions, focusing on introducing the potential and promoting tourism in Vietnam.

This is an opportunity for Vietnamese businesses to learn about the needs of Indian tourists, discuss air connectivity, and promote unique types of tourism, tailored to the needs of Indian tourists such as culinary tourism, wedding tourism, MICE tourism, golf tourism, resort tourism, and film tourism.

Introducing Vietnamese culture to Indian friends

As the highlight of the Vietnam Days Abroad 2022 series, Vietnam Cultural Space continues its mission of bringing the uniqueness of Vietnamese culture closer to foreign countries. The Indian public had the opportunity to experience different forms of Vietnamese folk art such as Dong Ho painting – a line of Vietnamese folk paintings, the making of “To He” – Traditional Toys in Vietnam, and other performances of ethnic musical instruments.

In addition to folk art, attendees also learned about Vietnamese life and people through the exhibition of books, photos, and special magazines named Sức sống Việt Nam (Vietnamese Vitality) emphasizing the beauty of the country, people, and President Ho Chi Minh.

Art performance to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between Vietnam and India (Source: TTXVN)

The image of a culturally vibrant Vietnam has been recreated through video clips promoting culture, art, and cuisine. In particular, Vietnamese lacquer art is introduced in India through many forms including a 3D digital exhibition on Vietnamese lacquer art; a lacquer painting performance by Artist Tran Anh Tuan – Lecturer of Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts, and a lacquer painting exhibition recreating different lines of folk paintings such as Hang Trong, Dong Ho, Kim Hoang, which is a part of Latoa project, carried out by a group of artists who love folk paintings and traditional materials of Vietnam.

Also, within the framework of the program, participants had the opportunity to experience Vietnamese culture through Lac Viet Adventures video games jointly implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its partners.


Vietnam Days Abroad is an annual national promotion program assigned by the Prime Minister to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2010. The program often takes place on the sidelines of official visits of Vietnamese high-level leaders to partner countries and receives great participation and response from localities, businesses, agencies, organizations, international friends, and the Vietnamese community abroad.

Source: Ngày Việt Nam tại Ấn Độ 2022: Thắt chặt quan hệ hữu nghị truyền thống; tăng cường hợp tác du lịch (