Representative Office of Vietnam’s Science and Technology (VOST) in India is functioned to promote cooperation between Vietnam and India in all fields of science, technology and innovation (STI). VOST connects and supports Vietnam institutions to cooperate with Indian organizations, research institutes and scholars, experts, scientists to: (i) implement signed agreements and MOUs between India and Vietnam such as the agreement on cooperation in the peaceful uses of atomic energy, the agreement on cooperation in the exploration and uses of outer space for peaceful purposes, and the MOUs between ministries of India and Vietnam in the fields of agriculture, biotechnology, IT, healthcare, environment…; (ii) carry out joint research projects; (iii) foster exchange of scholars, experts and scientists; (iv) conduct joint-seminars, workshops, conferences; (v) facilitate transfer of technologies and know-hows.

After the 17th meeting of the India-Vietnam Joint Commission, which was held via video-conference on 25 August 2020, VOST focuses on boosting cooperative activities in the fields of energy, space, telecommunication (5G technology), material sciences, IT and digital transformation, start-ups and innovation, industry 4.0, biotechnology, agriculture, healthcare, pharmaceutical, oceanology and marine sciences, environment protection, etc.