Below is the procedure to get married to a Vietnamese citizens:

1. Subjects ​

  • Vietnamese residents in India
  • Indian citizens

2. Marriage Dossiers

  • Marriage Form
  • Single Status Declaration done before a Indian notary public or lawyers (The statutory declaration must have your full name, present marital status and your permanent address in India.
    • In case of divorce, please provide notarized copy of Divorce Judgment and Certificate of Divorce.
    • In case the applicant is widowed, please provide notarized copy of Certificate of Death of his/her spouse.
  • Notarized copy of Marriage Search, issued by Provincial Vital Statistics  certifies that no marriage certificate or marriage record of the applicant has been found for the period from the beginning of legal age for marriage to date.
  • Notarized copy of Medical Certificate, issued by an authorized medical organization or physician and clearly indicates that the applicant is free from mental and infectious diseases, has no sexually transmitted diseases (especially free from HIV/AIDS) with supporting reports of physician examination and blood tests and is generally healthy and fit to get married (only the page with the comments of doctor needs to be translated into Vietnamese; results of tests are not required to be translated).
  • Notarized copy of Birth Certificate certified by a Notary Public or lawyers. In case of having no copy of Birth Certificate (lost, dismissed or cannot obtained), the applicant should make an Affidavit or Statutory Declaration in lieu of Birth certificate.
  • Notarized copy of personal documents (Passport or Citizenship Card).
  • Notarized copy of Certificate of changing name (if any)
  • In case the applicant cannot come to Vietnam to submit in person all marriage documents or divorce papers, the applicant has to make a Power of Attorney, certified by a Notary Public or lawyers and fill out 02 Biography Information Sheet and 02 Applications for Marriage Registration with 01 latest photo attached to each form

3. Procedure 

  • All the above-mentioned documents need to be notarized by a lawyer or at a Notary Public before being sent to the Embassy of Vietnam for legalization and translation.​
  • All documents need to be translated into Vietnamese (except copies of Passport, Vietnamese Birth Certificate, and Record of landing) and legalized. This service would be provided by the Embassy.
  • All documents must be valid within six (06) months since the date issued on the papers.

4, Processing Time 

  • The processing time is five (05) to seven (07) business days since the receipt of complete application.

5. The walk-in hours of the Consular Services

  • Consular section open time: Please see details at the footer section.

Embassy address:

The Embassy of Vietnam in India

EP-7A Chandragupta Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110021

Please contact our officers if you need further information.