DCM giving lecture on South China Sea to students at Ashoka University

On 10 November 2020, at the invitation of Associate Professor Nayan Chanda, Dr. Do Thanh Hai, Deputy Chief of Mission, has given a lecture on the developments in the South China Sea over the last decade to the students of the Ashoka University.

During the session, Dr. Do Thanh Hai reviewed the long history of the South China Sea, the emergence and evolution of the disputes, and discussed the factors which accounted for rising tensions in this area over the last decade. It is argue that the assertiveness of unlawful claims and illegitimate gray-zone activities had resulted in many stand-offs and incidents at sea.

Developments in the South China Sea serve as good reminders that peace, security and the rules-based order in the region could not be taken for granted. It is encouraging that many major states have realized the danger of inaction and passivity and stood up against unlawful claims and coercive behavior.