Ambassador Meets with General Secretary Of The Communist Party Of India (CPI) And Head Of The Department of Foreign Affairs Of The People’s Party Of India Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

On June 17, Vietnamese Ambassador to India Nguyen Thanh Hai met with General Secretary D. Raja and the leadership of the Communist Party of India (CPI) at their headquarters. General Secretary D. Raja reminisced about the long-standing relationship between the CPI, Vietnam, and the Communist Party of Vietnam during their national liberation struggle. He noted that India holds many symbols of Vietnam, such as a road named after President Ho Chi Minh and his statues in New Delhi and Kolkata. He also shared updates on the CPI’s current situation and their plans to strengthen grassroots organizations and prepare for the party’s 100th anniversary in 2025.

General Secretary D. Raja expressed his admiration for Vietnam’s rapid development and foreign economic achievements under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam. He emphasized the close friendship between the CPI and the Communist Party of Vietnam, and between the people of both countries, affirming his commitment to strengthening these relationships through activities such as delegation exchanges.

Ambassador Nguyen Thanh Hai thanked General Secretary D. Raja for his kind sentiments and conveyed greetings from General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong. He also delivered a congratulatory letter from Comrade Le Hoai Trung, Head of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission, regarding the recent Indian House of Representatives election results. The Ambassador expressed his joy over the strong development of relations between the Communist Party of Vietnam and CPI and highlighted the importance of continuing to promote these ties for mutual benefit and regional and global peace, cooperation, and development.

On the same day, Ambassador Nguyen Thanh Hai also met with Dr. Vijay Chauthaiwale, Head of the BJP Department of Foreign Affairs, at the BJP headquarters in New Delhi to strengthen relations with the Indian People’s Party (BJP). The Ambassador congratulated the BJP and the National Democratic Alliance on their recent electoral success and affirmed Vietnam’s desire to deepen party relations with the BJP, considering it a crucial political foundation for bilateral relations. He suggested increasing high-level delegation exchanges and sharing governance experiences. The Ambassador also highlighted recent developments in Vietnam-India relations, such as the increase in direct flights to 65 per week, the rapid growth of tourism, and new breakthroughs in investment activities.

Dr. Chauthaiwale expressed his happiness over the positive developments in relations between the two countries and parties. He discussed the BJP’s recent focus on connecting with voters and meeting the people’s needs during national development. He also expressed his desire to further strengthen the relationship between the BJP and the Communist Party of Vietnam in the future.