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Updated New Delhi – Hanoi – New Delhi flights in February 2021

Dear Indian Businessmen and Businesswomen

A charter flight from New Delhi (India) to Hanoi (Vietnam) is on 18th February 2021.

1. New Delhi (DEL) – Hanoi (HAN) Flight No. 6E8679, 14:35 (DEL) 20:10 (HAN) on 18th February 2021

If you want to go to Vietnam, please sign up. Details of for registration: Mr. Pham Nhu Y Whatsapp: (+91) 7428440056 (text message only)

Please ask your sponsor company in Vietnam to contact Mr. Pham Nhu Y in the Flight February 2021 Group Chat. The Embassy of Vietnam in India will reply to your Vietnamese contact in Vietnam. Guideline:

A. Guideline for foreigner (in English) can be downloaded via below link:

B. Guideline of formality and registration for the flight to be shared to your sponsor company in Vietnam (in Vietnamese) can be downloaded via below link:



2. Hanoi (HAN) – New Delhi (DEL) Flight No. 6E8689, 21:10 (HAN-18th) 00:30 (DEL-19th) Feb 2021.

If you want to come back to India from Vietnam on this flight, please register with the Indian Embassy in Hanoi. Thank you